Specialising in Emergency Care, Remote, Austere and Wilderness

Our Services

Forming an organisational safety culture in healthcare to protect your organisation and employees.

Without effective governance, your organisation will be unable to implement a robust solution to reduce risk exposure. With experience and expertise, Risk Medical Rescue can provide a Gap Analysis to review services and orginsation.

  • Crisis support and management at a strategic, tactical, and operational level (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)
  • Establishing and managing a clinical governance committee
  • CQC mock audits and service improvement plans
  • High Risk and Complex Care support
  • Clinical Governance including scope of practice design and review
  • Benchmark risk tolerance
  • Assess and identify training competence risk, report and plan reduction 
  • Encourage and document stakeholder engagement and ownership
  • Implement a robust management and approval process that enhances risk management but, at the same time, meets Duty of Care obligations
  • Create a culture that promotes safety
  • Design and review equipment, kit, and human factors