Expedition, Remote and Wilderness Medicine 

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in remote and challenging terrains? Look no further! Risk Medical Rescue have you covered with our Expedition and Remote Area Medicine Services, we offer a bespoke service for your daring journeys.

Risk Medical Rescue provides medical support to meet your needs. This includes any remote or austere environment, or where there is prolonged time to adequate medical services.

We have experience working in a wide range of environments and locations including high-altitude, desert, jungle, and diving. Our team of expedition and remote area medics has recently supported groups for mountaineering, endurance races, and diving trips, international cycle tours, and inter-continental rallies as well as film and television work in a variety of locations.

Whilst maintaining the highest professional standards and confidentiality at all times, we will also form part of your unique team and get involved with all expedition tasks.

On-Site Medical Support

When our services are commissioned we always aim to over deliver on our promise, this is because most of our clients come from personal recommendation, or repeat bookings.

Risk Management

As part of our planning stage, we will conduct a complete assessment and provide a full detailed risk management and medical plan which evidences you are in safe hands with team RMR.

Experienced Staff

We believe that the most equipped people to provide an emergency response to incidents are those individuals who have been exposed to frontline emergency services work.

Complete Integration

If you require high visibility or discreet service. All RMR medical providers are thoroughly assessed and backed by RMR's medical direction, equipment and supply, and project management team.

You only get one chance at life and you have to grab it boldly.

- Bear Grylls



Submit Request

Client clicks the "GET A QUOTE" tab on our website and provides as much infomation as possible, alernativity this can be done via email or phone.


Our Team Reviews

When our team receives your completed form, we will aim to review this information and process against internal and external processes within 24 hours. We will then send over a quotation for your approval.


Task is Undertaken

Once our terms have been agreed to.

We will undertake the event inline with our recommendations and quotation.



After the task as been undertaken we will provide a full breakdown of casulity numbers, reccomendations for future events. At this stage we send you a feedback form so we can impliment any feedback!