Specialising in Emergency Care, Remote, Austere and Wilderness

Our Services

Risk Medical Rescue provides pre-travel and on-travel services to ensure your people and organisation are fully prepared and meets your Duty of Care obligations - wherever the destination is.

RMR builds and delivers bespoke travel risk programmes that enable travel through a threat, risk, and mitigation methodology. These steps provide the foundation to establish risk appetite, travel risk procedures, and contingency plans, encompassing:

  • Threat Identification and Forecasting
  • Risk Assessment
  • Mitigation
  • Intelligence & Advisories
  • Risk Consultancy & Contingency Planning
  • Itinerary Management and Integration
  • Training and support

Without these elements, risk management cannot take place. Risk Medical Rescue provides these essential layers to enable a sustainable travel risk programme.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"